It's difficult to understand, in retrospect, whether the subtitles may be tinted with a suggestion of satire, or whether Rejaunier's involvement was completely volunteer or advised by excited publicists. "The author accountables for placing her outside it.".

In a LIFE photo essay called "Exactly what it takes to be a lady writer anymore," Rejaunier positioned for chances that demonstrated just how a lady needs to advertise her literary job. "There is a disagreement about whether or not Jeanne put herself inside The Appeal Catch as a personality," read the article. An effective female writer, the subtitles recommended, have to "swim a little," "exercise in a swimwear" and be "photographed in bed." The essay associated the success of her publication, a novel based on the dark side of the modeling world, to Rejaunier's charm instead of her literary skills: "Merely possibly due to the fact that she grins so prettily on guide coat (the back as well as the front of the publication) The Charm Trap is currently in its fourth printing.".

Liz Ronk, that edited this gallery, is the Photo Editor for However in 1969, when model-turned-author Jeanne Rejaunier was promoting her brand-new book, The Charm Trap, the advice was a little bit more gender-specific. Follow her on Twitter @lizabethronk.




This Is Exactly how 'Female Authors' Were Told to Promote Their Publications in the 1960s.

"The new type of female writer is constantly photographed in bed".

Modern guidance for any type of author planning to earn a living could include working relentlessly to hone one's craft, making every effort to comprehend the business and thinking about whether one's narrative would operate in a motion picture adjustment. Whatever the intent, the result was to suggest that a few seductive glamor tries would certainly go additionally than any serious engagement with the material of the book.

Whether Rejaunier enjoyed fulfilling the part of a "female writer" as LIFE proscribed it-- a former model, she went to the very least made use of to posing for photos-- there were certainly pressures past her control affecting the advertising and marketing technique for her book.